How Do I Start a Business from Scratch with No Money, No Credit, and No Expert Friends?

You have $0, no credit and no expert friends that could help. You want to start a business, but how? This is how you do it: Step 1. Make sure you are poor to middle class. If you have rich parents, then this doesn’t work. Step 2. Enroll in community college. Step 3. Apply for … Read more

I’m 40 Years Old and Work from 9 to 5. Am I Too Old to Pursue Beginning a Startup?

It depends on what habits you’ve created in your work life for the last two decades. Do you work for a big company? Do you suck up to your superiors? Are you a yes man? Do you sit around and do whatever you can to protect your job, like conspire against others, take other people … Read more

How Young Can You Be to Start a Startup?

I had the great honor of being a pitch coach and judge with Youth Pitch Day, held by Yang Camp and Girls In Tech Los Angeles at the Microsoft Campus in Marina Del Rey, California. The event had activities of all sorts, from the ability to interact with Oculus Rift, create logos, program games, create … Read more

Is It a Stupid Move to Show Your Idea in Front of 100 Entrepreneurs?

Someone on Quora asked: Is it a stupid move to show my idea in front of 100 entrepreneurs? The start-up is in its pre-seed stage, I have one partner and I haven’t raised money yet. I am not hiding my idea, and I’ve already told about 40 of my friends about it. Amazingly, all of them thought it’s a … Read more

How Do I Nicely State in a Resume That I Saved a Startup from Spending $100k?

Someone on Quora asked:  How do I nicely state in a resume that I saved a startup from spending $100K by recommending to terminate a project that had no market (based on studies I conducted)? (Without offending the company or project owners) This was my response: Thoroughly analyzed market cap and recommended terminating new vertical product, … Read more

As a Non-Technical Founder, Should I Get Coders to Sign NDA’s When I Explain the Idea to Them?

I consult startups. A few of them are scared to share their idea with anyone. I stare blankly and wonder why. If you are a non technical founder, then you better have something more to bring to the table than just an idea. Maybe a marketing background, inside information in the field you wish to … Read more

What No One Told This Woman About Her First Year In Business

Rachel McCrary (in black) IMAGE: Jewel Toned Inc. A lingerie expert and funded startup founder shares insight to what she learned in her first year of business. People say that everything you need to know you learn in Kindergarten. Well, in the world of business, think of the pitch process as Preschool, and that first … Read more