How Do I Start a Business from Scratch with No Money, No Credit, and No Expert Friends?

You have $0, no credit and no expert friends that could help. You want to start a business, but how? This is how you do it: Step 1. Make sure you are poor to middle class. If you have rich parents, then this doesn’t work. Step 2. Enroll in community college. Step 3. Apply for … Read more

I Dropped out of College to Work at a Startup That Failed. What Should I Do Now?

Someone on Quora asked for advice: I am feeling confused about my life’s direction. I’m 23. I dropped out 2 years ago to work on a startup and my startup was cash positive during the second year. The startup failed due to ego conflicts between founders. I was the principal founder. But due to my … Read more

Should I Stay Intellectual or Should I Try to Date While I’m in College?

Someone on Quora asked: Intellectual bookish to me = academic success and better personal growth at the risk of demoting the fair desire to seek a deeper bond with someone Dating = Spending a lot more money, time, and possibly stress over a girl, but it’s supposed to be good practice. What’s worse to miss out on, … Read more