Are you ready for your organization to ditch the act?

What if the secret to a successful brand is authenticity?

Personal branding speaker Leonard Kim is living proof that authenticity and vulnerability are central to branding.

His presentations help individuals and organizations face their fears, own their stories, and create memorable brands that propel growth.

Ditch the Act: How Authentic Personal Branding Fosters Growth

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. In an increasingly digital age, how do you build a following and create trust with people you have never met?

In this talk, Leonard shows you:

  • Why personal branding is critical for professional and business growth
  • How to craft a biography that reflects your personal and professional journey
  • How to build a brand that fosters empathy and connection

Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You
(Hint: Ditch the Act!)

Leonard Kim went from living in his car to running a successful agency with a personal following of over 600,000 people.

His secret? Ditching the act.

In this talk, Leonard shares:

  • Why you should let your fears guide you
  • How to leverage your fears to create connection and community
  • How to transform fear into love and success
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