5 Situations Where You Shouldn’t Call Yourself CEO

In this day and age, entrepreneurship is trending. The availability of jobs is diminishing. Fortune 500 companies rarely hire internally. Instead, they are hiring contingent workers through temp agencies. Plus, with the glorification of billion-dollar sups like Facebook and Instagram, entrepreneurship is becoming the cool new thing to do. Because of that, more people are starting their … Read more

What No One Told This Woman About Her First Year In Business

Rachel McCrary (in black) IMAGE: Jewel Toned Inc. A lingerie expert and funded startup founder shares insight to what she learned in her first year of business. People say that everything you need to know you learn in Kindergarten. Well, in the world of business, think of the pitch process as Preschool, and that first … Read more

How Much Humanity Does a Person Need to Remove to Become the CEO of a Startup?

If you’re a single founder company?  100% of it. If you have money, a team and you know how to delegate responsibility to have each person handle their designated tasks in their specific timesframes and run lean, then maybe 10% of it.  Probably less. It’s a stressful position, but you don’t need to sacrifice your … Read more