Is It a Stupid Move to Show Your Idea in Front of 100 Entrepreneurs?

Someone on Quora asked:

Is it a stupid move to show my idea in front of 100 entrepreneurs? The start-up is in its pre-seed stage, I have one partner and I haven’t raised money yet. I am not hiding my idea, and I’ve already told about 40 of my friends about it. Amazingly, all of them thought it’s a great idea. These days, I’m finishing my business plan, and a short clip about the startup. The problem is – on one hand, it’s not my friends any more, it’s a room full of entrepreneurs, who are seeking for their own startups. On the other hand, me and my partner are econ & business majors and most of the audience are science majors, which could help me get some useful networking. What should I do? Represent my own start-up? Or work on something new just for this course?

This was my response:

Let me ask you a better question from the perspective of the 100 entrepreneurs in the room.

Why would I give up my idea that I not only believe in, but am monomaniacal about, to do yours instead?

Chances are, I’m already knees deep into my business, so I’m going to stay my course, rather than take everything I’ve been working on, dumping it all into the toilet, then flushing it down the drain just to start something new.

Originally posted on Quora.


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