Things Millennials Should Know Before Taking Their Startup Public

This guest post was written by Holly Whitman. If you’re of the new generation of millennials, then you’re probably already used to doing things your own way. While this is fine when it comes to developing creative branding, conceptualizing new ideas and even implementing your ideas, there are still a number of things you’ll want … Read more

5 Things You Can Do to Create the Perfect Startup Team

Are you doing the right things to make sure your company is continually able to innovate? Because the culture at your company can either make or break you. Each company has a different culture. Teamwork depends on people matching that culture. I worked at a plethora of companies with varying management styles, ranging all the … Read more

4 Great Ways to Overcome Your Biggest Business Obstacles

As the great playwright Samuel Beckett once said, “Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” These are words that entrepreneurs embrace everyday, as each failure is a chance to start over and better. Starting a business is tough. It is even tougher when you are looking at creating a business … Read more

10 Things That Will Increase Your User Base to the Millions

User growth is important for any business, whether you are a brick and mortar business owner or working in the digital space. The bigger your audience is, the more opportunity you have to convert your audience into users on your platforms and customers to your brand. Recently, I visited the Global Mobile Internet Conference in San … Read more

How This App Went From 0 to 25 Million Downloads in 5 Years

Last April, I traveled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with two of my friends. Once we landed and got into our rental car, my friend pulled out his iPhone, loaded up Google Maps and Spotify, then we drove towards the Villa we were staying at. On the way over, we got lost for a … Read more

How to Throw an Epic Launch Party in 10 Steps

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to the launch party of a startup modeling agency. They were holding their event at Bootsy Bellows, a club located in Hollywood, founded by David Arquette. I arrived around 15 minutes after the set start time of the event, and the place was already half full. Within … Read more

5 Situations Where You Shouldn’t Call Yourself CEO

In this day and age, entrepreneurship is trending. The availability of jobs is diminishing. Fortune 500 companies rarely hire internally. Instead, they are hiring contingent workers through temp agencies. Plus, with the glorification of billion-dollar sups like Facebook and Instagram, entrepreneurship is becoming the cool new thing to do. Because of that, more people are starting their … Read more

The Top 5 Jobs Startups Are Hiring for in 2016

The U.S. labor market is at a unique inflection point. Unemployment remains low by historical standards, yet supply and demand remain stubbornly out of balance. Job openings are near 10-year highs, yet candidates are struggling to find the right fit, both culturally and professionally. I recently spoke with Elise Voss, CEO and co-founder of UpScored, a … Read more

Former Google Team Builder Explains How to Overcome Your Team’s Weaknesses

Sabeen Ali, founder and CEO of AngelHack, a global network of 50,000 programmers shares her insights on how to build and manage a team all over the world. Sabeen Ali is the founder and CEO of AngelHack, a global network of 50,000 programmers. She is a big box thinker and lays out the grand scheme of … Read more

The Top 9 Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make–and How To Avoid Them

Have you made any of these mistakes? What steps are you taking to prevent these from happening? For many, it’s the dream: Leaving your career and making the move to entrepreneurship. Some of us are even skipping college to get a head start on starting our businesses. I’ve worked for and consulted with a handful … Read more