Lessons From Working 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks

During the recession, Daniel Seddiqui couldn’t find a job anywhere, even after exhausting 18,000 emails. So he packed his bags and went to work. The past decade has been a tough time for Millennials to graduate from college, find a job with a living wage, and begin their lives. Many of these graduates are facing … Read more

4 Millennials Share How to Connect With Anyone (No Matter How Successful They Are)

Meeting new people is tough. It’s something that many people dread. When some of us attend mixers and events, we get butterflies in our stomachs, we fumble over our words, or we don’t end up having a conversation with anyone. Whenever you go anywhere, you don’t really know whom you will end up meeting or their standing. Is … Read more

How Do I Overcome the Belief That I Have to Be a Millionaire/Billionaire to Enjoy Life?

There is something called the novelty effect. It’s when you get something new. It is fun. It is exciting. After some time, those feelings fade away. It either becomes a thing you use as a tool or disregard and toss out your life. After experiencing this with a few things, whether it be a fancy … Read more

How Do I Start a Business from Scratch with No Money, No Credit, and No Expert Friends?

You have $0, no credit and no expert friends that could help. You want to start a business, but how? This is how you do it: Step 1. Make sure you are poor to middle class. If you have rich parents, then this doesn’t work. Step 2. Enroll in community college. Step 3. Apply for … Read more

How Young Can You Be to Start a Startup?

I had the great honor of being a pitch coach and judge with Youth Pitch Day, held by Yang Camp and Girls In Tech Los Angeles at the Microsoft Campus in Marina Del Rey, California. The event had activities of all sorts, from the ability to interact with Oculus Rift, create logos, program games, create … Read more

How Can I Get Better at Programming?

Recently, I spoke at Cal Poly Pomona to kickstart their Hackathon, Hackpoly 2015: Hackpoly 2015 Keynote Speech – Your Roadmap to Success I shared my personal story then covered these key points as the basis on how to become a better programmer: 1. Consistent and Neverending Improvement. The first thing to do would be to start … Read more