This Is How Technology Is Empowering Mortgage Consumers

Ever since the financial crisis of 2008, the mortgage industry has changed. But is it for the better or worse? Decades ago, when you needed a home loan you’d walk into your local bank and chat with your family banker. It was your lay of the land business transaction. But as with every industry, technology … Read more

How Do I Start a Business from Scratch with No Money, No Credit, and No Expert Friends?

You have $0, no credit and no expert friends that could help. You want to start a business, but how? This is how you do it: Step 1. Make sure you are poor to middle class. If you have rich parents, then this doesn’t work. Step 2. Enroll in community college. Step 3. Apply for … Read more

25 Year Old Security Guard At Investment Firm Writes Youth Financial Literacy Book Series

Today we’ll be speaking with Ben Popp the author of Youth Financial Literacy Series: Ian Bucks Kid Investor! Introductory Series For Kids Into The World Of Global Investing. About? Ben Popp-25 years old-Author of nearly 30 books- Entrepreneur and founder of @AnnieTeekr – Currently working as a corporate security guard. How many books have you published? … Read more

Is $50k a Reasonable Price to Ask for Writing a Business Plan for a Tech Startup?

Why would anyone in the world pay $50,000 to have you write a business plan, when they can get an outline on how to make one on their own here for free: Leonard Kim’s answer to How does one create a business plan? Also, there are many professionals out there who write killer business plans … Read more

How Would a CFA Certification Help an Undergraduate Engineering Student Towards a Career in Finance?

Someone on Quora asked: “I am an senior undergraduate student (Electronics and Communication Engineering, NIT Calicut, India) planning to apply to MS in Finance (American and Europian BSchools), this year around December. Please give me some idea about the advantages of CFA exams in June and December respectively before applying for a masters course in … Read more