Former Google Team Builder Explains How to Overcome Your Team’s Weaknesses

Sabeen Ali, founder and CEO of AngelHack, a global network of 50,000 programmers shares her insights on how to build and manage a team all over the world. Sabeen Ali is the founder and CEO of AngelHack, a global network of 50,000 programmers. She is a big box thinker and lays out the grand scheme of … Read more

As a Non-Technical Founder, Should I Get Coders to Sign NDA’s When I Explain the Idea to Them?

I consult startups. A few of them are scared to share their idea with anyone. I stare blankly and wonder why. If you are a non technical founder, then you better have something more to bring to the table than just an idea. Maybe a marketing background, inside information in the field you wish to … Read more

What No One Told This Woman About Her First Year In Business

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How Do I Ask for Stock Options/Shares in the Startup Company I Work In?

“Mr. Kim, I truly appreciate the opportunity to work with your company.  After being here for a year and a half, I have come to really believe in the product and the vision that you have set aside for us.  I am even more thankful that I am able to be part of this exact … Read more

What Is It like to Become a Company VP for the First Time?

At a bank? I’d assume that your job would be exactly the same as it once was, just with a pay raise. At a startup? The title feels great, until I came to realize that I was buried in responsibilities, maybe two notches shy of what a CEO does. There are regular VP responsibilities one … Read more

Is $50k a Reasonable Price to Ask for Writing a Business Plan for a Tech Startup?

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I Dropped out of College to Work at a Startup That Failed. What Should I Do Now?

Someone on Quora asked for advice: I am feeling confused about my life’s direction. I’m 23. I dropped out 2 years ago to work on a startup and my startup was cash positive during the second year. The startup failed due to ego conflicts between founders. I was the principal founder. But due to my … Read more