How to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle Entrepreneurs Face

How to Overcome the Biggest Obstacle Entrepreneurs Face

Entrepreneurs make this mistake every day. Are you one of them? Over the last decade, I have seen hundreds of pitches–maybe even thousands. Some, I heard at networking events and others at startup competitions. Luckily, in controlled scenarios such as competitions, there is a time limit for each pitch. Otherwise, I would be pulling out … Read more

Looking to Build an E-Commerce Site? This Company Could Be Your Answer

E-commerce platforms have revolutionized the way that we do business. The days of traveling to a department store, sorting through hundreds of items in search of one that you want, and trying to find a fair price are over. Retail shopping is becoming obsolete as the convenience of online shopping enables consumers to get what … Read more

8 Tips Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The TV Show Top Chef

Take a cue from America’s hit culinary show to become a better entrepreneur. David Feller of Yummly shares how. It may seem like a stretch, but entrepreneurship and America’s hit culinary television show do have a few things in common. One of the most effective techniques for innovation and outside the box thinking is to … Read more

4 Great Ways to Overcome Your Biggest Business Obstacles

As the great playwright Samuel Beckett once said, “Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” These are words that entrepreneurs embrace everyday, as each failure is a chance to start over and better. Starting a business is tough. It is even tougher when you are looking at creating a business … Read more

These 4 Things Changed Everything for This 25-Year-Old Entrepreneur

Kyu Lee, CEO of Wiselike.¬†CREDIT: Darius Salehipour Twenty-five-year-old Kyu Lee is one of the rising stars in the tech community. As founder and CEO of Wiselike, he has created a website where anyone can create their own “Ask Me Anything” page to better brand themselves.It takes only a quick visit to Wiselike to realize the … Read more

Do These 5 Things To Turn Your Company Into A Massive Success

Wine has become synonymous with our culture. It is a drink that many indulge in while they relax in their homes, enjoy meals at restaurants, and celebrate special occasions. Even scientists claim that the resveratrol within red wines can lead to a healthy heart. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey of Barefoot Wine have spent 20 … Read more

4 Unique Ways Women Entrepreneurs Are Helping Each Other Succeed

Women who rise through the ranks in corporate enterprise are often at risk for being pegged “aggressive,” “unemotional” or perhaps being seen as the “queen bee” by subordinates within the workplace. Leadership has traditionally been viewed as a masculine trait, so women who are decisive and take charge are often labeled as such. However, there … Read more

10 Things That Will Increase Your User Base to the Millions

User growth is important for any business, whether you are a brick and mortar business owner or working in the digital space. The bigger your audience is, the more opportunity you have to convert your audience into users on your platforms and¬†customers to your brand. Recently, I visited the Global Mobile Internet Conference in San … Read more

How This App Went From 0 to 25 Million Downloads in 5 Years

Last April, I traveled to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico with two of my friends. Once we landed and got into our rental car, my friend pulled out his iPhone, loaded up Google Maps and Spotify, then we drove towards the Villa we were staying at. On the way over, we got lost for a … Read more