What Is the Best Way to Republish Your Quora Answer on Another Publishing Platform?

This is what I did. 1. I compiled a list of 300 of my best answers out of the thousands I have written (actually it’s like 200, but it’s supposed to be 300 and I’m still adding to it). (You may be able to skip steps 2-7 if you have the time to do this … Read more

How Can I Stop Feeling Inadequate Amongst These Quoran Giants?

Someone on Quora asked:  How can I stop feeling inadequate amongst these Quoran giants? I mean, I initially enjoyed Quora, reading from people of different backgrounds. But then, I realized how smart and educated some of these guys are and started feeling like I’ve wasted my life, like I’ll never catch up or ever be … Read more

Quora’s Overachievers Are Making Me Depressed. Am I a Loser?

No. You aren’t a loser. You’re cool. Kind of like rice krispies. They snap, crackle AND pop. That’s pretty awesome. For something so simple to be able to do three distinct things, all while submerged in milk. Want to know what I can do while submerged in milk? Drown. Is that cool? Nope. Not cool … Read more