What Are Leonard Kim’s Best Answers on Quora?

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3.2k What do I do when I run out of hope?

2.9k How can I spend my $35 to get the best return on investment?

2.3k Is there such a thing as a useless person?

2.2k How do I celebrate my birthday when I am all alone in my life?

2.1k How can I come to terms with the fact that so many people I know got into Harvard, when I’ve worked nonstop for my entire life to get there and didn’t make it?

2k What is the opinion of India in your country?

1.7k Why did you start smoking?

1.7k How could I thoroughly screw up my life?

1.7k Have you ever given up on a dream or goal?

1.6k Why is giving better than receiving?

1.4k Should a person take a lifetime supply of happiness pills if they were offered to them? Why?

1.2k I recently got a job offer at Facebook and instead of being happy for me, a few of the people I considered my closest friends got jealous and stopped talking to me. Does this mean they’re not actually my friends?

1.1k My friend never studied during college, but now he has a great job and recently he became a millionaire. How is this possible?

1.1k What is the best way to impress a girl?

1.1k What is it like to know that you’ll never see your best friend again?

1.1k Heroes: What are some of the most heroic real-life acts?

Over 500 upvotes:

971 How can a failed entrepreneur survive with no friends, no investors, no job and no money?

944 Why would a writer waste his or her time on Quora when for $500 on Facebook that same writer can reach about a million people of his or her own choosing?

696 Should a 21-year-old save up money or spend it all on things that make him happy?

690 What should a person do when they realize that their work is pointless?

673 Blogging: Why do some people choose to use Quora over writing a blog?

664 What are the most important things to consider while choosing a life partner?

663 What does Jim Carrey actually mean when he says “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”?

641 What is it like to move away from home and live alone as an eighteen-year-old?

610 What would your author biography say on the dust jacket of your book?

586 What is it like to be in love with a gold digger?

539 I am easily motivated, but how can I remain motivated long enough to actually accomplish something?

500 Does money make us happy?

Over 200 upvotes:

477 What are some cool and lesser-known facts about Quora?

457 Is it considered greedy if a multi-millionaire doesn’t leave tips or spend much money?

453 Is happiness over-rated?

453 Does pretending to be socially awkward make a person cool?

451 If you knew this was the last time you would see your best friend, what would you tell them?

450 How do people react to moving from a high to a low standard of living?

413 What are some examples of bad, outdated, or counterproductive career advice?

406 How do I overcome the desire to be better than my friend?

403 Am I right in asking my ex to return the money I spent on her?

385 How do I get popular on Quora without being smart?

383 Do curses have impact in ruining one’s life?

378 What would you advise your (hypothetical) 22-year-old college graduate to do with their life?

377 What’s my social status? Should I date up or down?

355 Do all guys check girls out?

352 I want to become a writer. What should I be doing now?

351 How do I surround myself with people who are smarter than me?

342 What should a person do when the world is against them?

340 What have you successfully avoided so far?

332 What have you quit that has turned your life around?

317 What does it feel like to lose a lot of money quickly?

311 How did you lose your best friend?

308 Should money be lent to a friend in desperate need?

307 What is it like to mistake a girl for a gold digger?

305 What was the last conversation you had with your mother?

304 Isn’t it unfair to men on Quora that women with good profile pictures get lots of followers, even if some of them might have fewer and sub-standard answers?

301 Will you stay on Quora if ads are placed with answers? Why or why not?

300 What did you see as a child that affected your life?

293 How old is too old for someone to refer to their mother as “Mommy?”

293 What do people who work 70-100 hour weeks do in their free time?

292 How much are you worth?

291 What things in life are better understood through experience?

287 What is the most dangerous thing one has done in a relationship?

285 What is the story of your life in 20 lines max?

282 What are the best bargaining techniques when buying a car from a dealer?

282 How is India viewed outside India?

279 What is a true personal story that people have a hard time believing?

274 Why are broke people always complaining?

271 How do you know when it’s time to quit smoking?

258 How do I tell a guy I like him?

257 What is the difference between depression and laziness?.

254 Are there any actual geniuses on Quora?

250 Happiness: What was/were your best moment/moments in 2014?

249 Why do rich people work even after they become rich? Why don’t they play?

245 Does life suck for everyone or is it just for me?

244 What are some interesting things about money that only a few people know about?

241 What one thing surprised you the most when you failed?

236 What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done for someone you had a crush on?

228 What kind of relationship do you have with your ex?

226 Is a skinny male considered turn off for women?

225 What has been the best customer service experience a person has experienced?

223 Has anyone you’ve known simply disappeared? Under what circumstances?

222 How do I double my salary in 3 years?

221 How can I get good at something I don’t really want to do?

220 What do you look like when you smile?

219 What should I do if I don’t reach my goals? Is there anything left for me except suicide?

216 How do you tell if someone is a true friend?

213 I am a solo entrepreneur in my 20s and I do not socialize with friends at all due to my schedule; will I regret this later on in life?

212 What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever changed your opinion about?

211 What are some classic examples of a founder letting his or her ego get in the way of making the right decision for a company?

207 What is the best example of success through ignorance?

200 What is the best way to deal with disappointment?

200 I wanted a wife who has no boyfriends before me, but I got one who had a number of boyfriends before me, what should I do?

200 What compels you to act in the way that you do?

200 What are some outstanding stories of success which can inspire and support others?


496 What is the best way to make money?

477 How does one create a business plan?

425 How can I make a million dollars?

396 How much equity should be given to early employees when the company is bootstrapped?

391 A lot of people want “to be rich” when they grow up. Is this possible? What are realistic ways for one to “become rich”?

405 What are avoidable mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make repeatedly?

407 As a car salesperson, what is the best way to learn about a car brand and how do I hit my sales target?

Disclaimer: These may not necessarily be the best of my answers, but they were the highest upvoted. I personally think my best answers are within the 100 upvote range. If someone would like to rearrange my answers by category as opposed to upvotes, feel free to suggest edits.

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