What Quora is and Why You Should Provide Your Knowledge There for Free

Someone on Quora asked: Why should I provide my knowledge to Quora for free? This was my response: Quora is a knowledge market where some of the most profound questions are answered by some of the most brilliant minds known to man, from scientists to astronauts to PhD’s, attorneys, venture capitalists, angel investors and engineers. … Read more

Who is Lisa Groeneweg?

Lisa Groeneweg.  A visionary with a heart of gold.  A person who wants to change the lives of each and every individual she can. She reminds me of what John Maxwell once said.  “Leaders touch a heart before they ask for a hand.” She will be changing the way Quora is, forever.  First stop, the … Read more

How I Initiated a Casual Chat with an Angel Investor

Back at the beginning of January, an Angel had informed me that he wanted to meet.  We decided to get dinner and spoke for four hours, about life, Quora, and many other things. I think I was the more curious one, because I kept asking him what he did with all his free time.  I … Read more

The Autobiography of a Failure

This is what the dust cover of my future book, either an autobiography or biography of me, would say: Leonard Kim was born on December 21, 1984. Little did he know, he had a great destiny ahead of himself. That destiny was, to become a failure. He did just that. As he progressed through his … Read more