What Is the Best Way to Republish Your Quora Answer on Another Publishing Platform?

This is what I did.

1. I compiled a list of 300 of my best answers out of the thousands I have written (actually it’s like 200, but it’s supposed to be 300 and I’m still adding to it).

(You may be able to skip steps 2-7 if you have the time to do this on your own. However I don’t.)

2. I gave someone a set of instructions on what to do.

3. I paid him in advance for a month’s worth of work.

4. He quit halfway through the project.

5. I asked CamMi Pham who was smart enough to replace this person who quit on me.

6. She suggested her sister Vivien Pham.

7. I hired Vivien.

8. I gave her a list of instructions of what to do to add my content onto other platforms from Monday to Friday at a specific time each day.

Within those instructions were these new instructions:

A. Copy and paste article from Quora into personal wordpress blog.

B. Add a picture.

C. Make a similar title.

D. Add a few key words.

E. Link back to Quora.

F. Submit post.

From there, Vivien copies the URL and posts it on my public Facebook page with the title of the post.

After that, she tweets the post from my personal account with a title, two hash tags and a link.

Then she copy pastes the title and inline content to Google+ with a link back to the post on my wordpress blog.

After that, she submits the article to Medium with a link back to my blog.

Then she copies and pastes the post to LinkedIn and spends hours trying to get the images to work properly on their publishing platform.  Vivien hates LinkedIn because of how hard it is to post pictures on there (Cough cough Peggy Li Christine Choi, please make this much easier to do for Vivien. She will love you for life.).

Then she’s supposed to post to Pinterest, but I don’t know if she does that or not. I’ll have to check later.

Later, like a week or two in the future, I go back to my personal blog, I copy and paste the image she attached to my blog to my original Quora post, then I have the Quora post link back to my blog.

Does this strategy work?

I have absolutely no idea. I don’t pay attention to my analytics because my site doesn’t sell anything. But let’s see what Alexa says from 4-5 months of consistent posting… That’s around how long you’ve worked for me, right Vivien?

As far as SEO goes, Neil Patel claims it shoots you down in the ranks due to duplicate content rules. I asked another SEO expert and they said as long as it goes up on my blog first, it doesn’t matter and it doesn’t hurt. However, Cammi and I go more with the concept of post it everywhere and maximize the power of all the preexisting networks we can.


Originally posted on Quora.

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