What Is It like to Do a Quoracast?

I did a Quoracast last week that was published today. It was the first time I ever did a podcast of any sorts, so it was kind of nerve breaking. I stumbled over myself a few times, but in the end, I think it went pretty well.

We just went through it once, talking about different points. I was able to share the stories of the last two years of my life. Jeff Meyerson was definitely a great host and I wanted to thank him so much for allowing me the opportunity to speak over the interweb! :]

Thanks Jeff!

If you just happen to know what I sound like and listen to me make a fool of myself… The Quoracast can be seen here:

Leonard Kim: Self-Improvement by Jeff Meyerson on The Quoracast



Jeff Meyerson took the time to interview me for the second time on his Quoracast. We discuss my book and social media etiquette.

Leonard Kim: The Etiquette of Social Media by Jeff Meyerson on The Quoracast

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