7 Little-Known Secrets to Getting Featured in Any Publication

I recently took a trip down to San Francisco to cover a story that was of interest to me at the Global Mobile Internet Conference. While I was there, I had a chance to sit down with branding expert Clayton Wood. Since we basically have the same background, we were able to talk endlessly about … Read more

25 Year Old Security Guard At Investment Firm Writes Youth Financial Literacy Book Series

Today we’ll be speaking with Ben Popp the author of Youth Financial Literacy Series: Ian Bucks Kid Investor! Introductory Series For Kids Into The World Of Global Investing. About? Ben Popp-25 years old-Author of nearly 30 books- Entrepreneur and founder of @AnnieTeekr – Currently working as a corporate security guard. How many books have you published? … Read more

What Quora is and Why You Should Provide Your Knowledge There for Free

Someone on Quora asked: Why should I provide my knowledge to Quora for free? This was my response: Quora is a knowledge market where some of the most profound questions are answered by some of the most brilliant minds known to man, from scientists to astronauts to PhD’s, attorneys, venture capitalists, angel investors and engineers. … Read more