Why Do Some People Choose to Write on Quora over Writing on a Blog?

I tried starting a WordPress blog when I left my job as Vice President of Marketing at a startup in 2011.  I wrote 3 posts.  No one read it.  I quit.

I tried writing a few Facebook status messages that were long form in 2012.  I got like 7 likes per post.  That was high, considering that my normal post got maybe 1-2.

I gave Quora a try because I thought what the hell.  May as well try again.  My first month, I had 102 views.  Compared to what I got on my first three posts on WordPress, that was actually… Phenomenal.  But then again, I didn’t envision it taking off.

There is this thing called a promote feature on here.  One lovely lady, Erin, she decided to promote my one single post to 1,000 people.  It was like instant exposure.  With her initial belief in what I had to say, I got inspired to write.  I ended the next month with 3,000 views.  That was huge to me.  The next month, I had 61,000 views on my content.  61 THOUSAND VIEWS MY THIRD MONTH.  It was basically insane.  Then it got even more insane.  It went up to 162,000 the next month, doubled again, and by now I have over 8 million views and I’m not even at my 1.5 year point yet.

Right now, I average 100,000 views a week on Quora.  My WordPress blog I started in November or December?  That gets 4,000 views a month now.  Comparing the two, when it comes to view count, wordpress generates 1,000 a week.  Quora generates 100,000 a week.  That’s about 100x more of a return than I get on WordPress alone.  So the key word on why I write on Quora?  More exposure.

There are other benefits too, like making friends with a lot of amazing people.  Plus BNBR is cool.

Originally posted on Quora.

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