Why Do I Have Very Few Followers on Quora?

I wrote my first answer on May 15, 2013.  I had 3 followers.  By almost the end of August, I had 300 followers.

How did I do it?

A.  I had a profile picture.  Not a check mark as a photo.  But a picture of me.

B.  I used my full name.  Not initials.  We’re not rich and famous enough to pull off a J.P. Morgan here.

C. I poured my heart into my answers.  I wrote about my pain, my heartache, my loss.

D. I came across as an expert in certain topics.

E.  I found my niche.  The niche of being a failure who sucked hard at life.  Then branded myself upon that.   Find your niche.

F. I answered a lot of questions.

G.  I talked to people who interacted with me in comments and made connections.

Then I went from 3 to 300.  Do the same and something similar will happen for you.

P.S.  Now people mistake me for a success and spread gossip about me.  They wonder how I  made it this far because it looks like I’m full of it.  But the truth is that I got to where I am today by talking about how much I failed in life.  They just never took the time to investigate what I had written.

P.P.S.  Even if you feel like you’re failing now, you can still succeed in some way later.  Just take baby steps.  That’s what I did.  After everything, I ended up writing this book: The Etiquette of Social Media.  If I could do that, just imagine what you could do.

Originally posted on Quora.

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