Why Everything You Think You Know About Millennials Is Wrong

Lazy. Impatient. Materialistic know-it-alls. Self-absorbed. These words are synonymous with the Millennial generation. And hey, if you’re anything like me, then that’s exactly what you’ve been thinking of this new generation that has been entering into the work force. But after doing some digging, I was able to discover that there is a chance that … Read more

Why Are People Drawn to Donald Trump for President?

‘You’re fired!’ Those two words were once synonymous with Donald Trump, as he took on the role of being the host of The Apprentice. This billionaire real estate mogul had done everything with his life from marrying, divorcing and remarrying new supermodels, having multiple book deals, endorsing multi level marketing companies, creating a real estate … Read more

25 Year Old Security Guard At Investment Firm Writes Youth Financial Literacy Book Series

Today we’ll be speaking with Ben Popp the author of Youth Financial Literacy Series: Ian Bucks Kid Investor! Introductory Series For Kids Into The World Of Global Investing. About? Ben Popp-25 years old-Author of nearly 30 books- Entrepreneur and founder of @AnnieTeekr – Currently working as a corporate security guard. How many books have you published? … Read more

What Sort Of “Hate” Do Men with an Online Presence Get?

Someone on Quora asked: What sort of “hate” do men with an online presence get when voicing their opinion? I ask because as a woman I usually get called “feminazi,” or told I’ll die cold and alone / my partner will leave me for a “younger model.” I’m just wondering if there’s a male equivalent … Read more