How Do I Overcome the Belief That I Have to Be a Millionaire/Billionaire to Enjoy Life?

There is something called the novelty effect. It’s when you get something new. It is fun. It is exciting. After some time, those feelings fade away. It either becomes a thing you use as a tool or disregard and toss out your life. After experiencing this with a few things, whether it be a fancy … Read more

Is It True That “You Won’t Become Rich Working for Somebody Else?”

You also won’t get rich working alone. That statement is more true than the one about working for yourself. The problem is that no one in the world actually works for themselves. If they believe they do, they are delusional or already have millions in the bank. Restauranteers work for the banks they took loans … Read more

If a Person Goes from Poor to Rich within One Generation, What Social Challenges Would They Face?

The ability to distinguish who is and isn’t your friend. Friends will change and try to take advantage of you. Others will talk behind your back or even try to defame you. The world will start to become a lonely place. The only way to minimize these risks is to be prepared before it happens. … Read more

Should I Work if My Parents Are Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars?

Background information from the person that asked this question: I’m 25 years old.  I was raised as a member of the middle class.  My parents do not come from wealth, and we were not at all wealthy (by Silicon Valley standards) when they were raising me.  My parents ended up starting a couple of companies … Read more