Things Millennials Should Know Before Taking Their Startup Public

This guest post was written by Holly Whitman. If you’re of the new generation of millennials, then you’re probably already used to doing things your own way. While this is fine when it comes to developing creative branding, conceptualizing new ideas and even implementing your ideas, there are still a number of things you’ll want … Read more

Lessons From Working 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks

During the recession, Daniel Seddiqui couldn’t find a job anywhere, even after exhausting 18,000 emails. So he packed his bags and went to work. The past decade has been a tough time for Millennials to graduate from college, find a job with a living wage, and begin their lives. Many of these graduates are facing … Read more

5 Ways You’re Misunderstanding Millennial Employees

People think Millennials are lazy, entitled, and obsessed with social media, but how fair are these assumptions? Millennials are beginning to dominate the workforce as their Gen X parents and baby boomer grandparents retire. As always, with the rise of a new generation comes heaps of criticism from those on their way out. The latest … Read more