Lessons From Working 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks

During the recession, Daniel Seddiqui couldn’t find a job anywhere, even after exhausting 18,000 emails. So he packed his bags and went to work. The past decade has been a tough time for Millennials to graduate from college, find a job with a living wage, and begin their lives. Many of these graduates are facing … Read more

3 Things You Should Look For in Your Next Job (If You Expect to Get to the Top)

Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko. CREDIT: Laforce Stevens Big conglomerates tend to be companies filled with rules, regulations, and office politics. But flat organizations strive to empower and coach their employees.For years, I worked at a Fortune 100 company, one that did billions of dollars in sales annually. It was surprising to see how it could survive for so long, … Read more

5 Things You Need to Know to Get a Job at Facebook

Being a product manager at Facebook is one of the most coveted jobs in tech. How can you beat out the competition? In the last few years, Facebook has grown exponentially. From social network to multi-billion dollar enterprise, many people, Millennials especially, now have their dreams set on working there. In fact, working at Facebook … Read more

What Is It like to Become a Company VP for the First Time?

At a bank? I’d assume that your job would be exactly the same as it once was, just with a pay raise. At a startup? The title feels great, until I came to realize that I was buried in responsibilities, maybe two notches shy of what a CEO does. There are regular VP responsibilities one … Read more

Should I Work if My Parents Are Worth Hundreds of Millions of Dollars?

Background information from the person that asked this question: I’m 25 years old.  I was raised as a member of the middle class.  My parents do not come from wealth, and we were not at all wealthy (by Silicon Valley standards) when they were raising me.  My parents ended up starting a couple of companies … Read more