Is $50k a Reasonable Price to Ask for Writing a Business Plan for a Tech Startup?

Why would anyone in the world pay $50,000 to have you write a business plan, when they can get an outline on how to make one on their own here for free: Leonard Kim’s answer to How does one create a business plan?

Also, there are many professionals out there who write killer business plans for $5,000. I’ve seen a few places charge $15,000, but those are a stretch. You’re asking for an average of 10 times more money than what the best in the industry ask for.

Dealing with the best is fine, but then you’re also dealing with the worst type of competition on the market as well, me. How do you even compete with someone who will show a business a DIY (do it yourself) business plan platform to any client, and even stick it up on the internet for the world to see? Oh, did I mention that I still provide them with the option to purchase my time to create the business plan as well?

What is your USP (unique selling proposition) when trying to outsell someone like me on comparable services?

For $50,000… That USP better be a helicopter that flies to a private yacht filled with beautiful women, Tommy Vu style…

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