What Is a Good Success Fee for an Introduction for Startup Investors?

On Quora someone asked: Is the success fees of 3% (of the money raised in that round) for an introduction to investors good for a startup that wants raise its seed investment? Is it ok to accept this deal if one firm promises to introduce investors? This was my response: I live in Southern California.  … Read more

Starting a Tech Startup with No Skills. Which One Do You Learn First?

Someone on Quora asked: If you were starting a technology startup and you have no skills, would you learn sales, design, or programming first? If not those 3 avenues, what would you learn first? Then second? This was my response: When I was 22, I tried to make my own single founder startup. I failed, … Read more

How Much Humanity Does a Person Need to Remove to Become the CEO of a Startup?

If you’re a single founder company?  100% of it. If you have money, a team and you know how to delegate responsibility to have each person handle their designated tasks in their specific timesframes and run lean, then maybe 10% of it.  Probably less. It’s a stressful position, but you don’t need to sacrifice your … Read more

Should I Launch My Local Social Startup City by City, Country Wise, or Globally?

Think local. Expand global. It’s probably better to concentrate on specific markets locally first before branching out into a national platform. — Originally posted on Quora. Leonard Kim consults startups and writes books like The Etiquette of Social Media: How to Connect and Respond to Others in the World of Social Media  

How to Discuss an Idea for a Startup in Public Without It Being Stolen

By discussing it in public and not worrying about someone stealing it. People are too busy to steal your idea. They have their own lives, their own plans, and their own visions. They’re not just going to walk in and steal yours, unless they’re desperate. I posted a whole executive summary for a company I … Read more

How to Quit the Startup You Founded without Causing Too Much Fallout

Someone on Quora asked: How do I quit the startup I founded without causing too much fallout? Our business has been around for two very tough years, but is finally seeing the green shoots of growth that sprout after hard effort, love and dedication has been applied. We’re generating revenue and were seed-funded to the … Read more

23 Factors That Affect the Failure Probability of a Startup

Everything is against you as a startup. The time it takes to bring your product to market. When you start marketing. How lean your product is. How talented your staff is. How prepared you are to build. How financially stable you are. What distractions you have in your personal life. Your stress level. The amount of … Read more