Why Do Companies and Billionaires Lose Money? How Does This Happen?

If you’re a billionaire, or if you’re a multi-billion dollar company, chances are that you operate in multiple countries. When you operate in multiple countries, you have to deal with the change of currency, which is in a market of its own called the foreign exchange. When currency loses value in the country where you … Read more

Is $50k a Reasonable Price to Ask for Writing a Business Plan for a Tech Startup?

Why would anyone in the world pay $50,000 to have you write a business plan, when they can get an outline on how to make one on their own here for free: Leonard Kim’s answer to How does one create a business plan? Also, there are many professionals out there who write killer business plans … Read more

Would You Rather Take 10% Equity or a Cash Bonus of $100,000 in a Startup’s First Year?

If a company can afford to give you a cash bonus of $100,000 during the first year, they must be doing absolutely everything right.  It would be in your best interest to take the equity, even if there is risk involved.  Why would I come up with this resolution? Let’s look at five years into … Read more

I Don’t Have the Money to Incorporate. How Can I Attract Cofounders and Structure Their Stock Options for When We Incorporate?

How to attract cofounders:  Share your vision with others.  See who buys into it.  Start with friends and family then expand to other networks. If you are scared of having your idea stolen:  Leonard Kim’s answer to What’s the best way to discuss an idea for a startup in public without it being stolen? How … Read more

If a Person Goes from Poor to Rich within One Generation, What Social Challenges Would They Face?

The ability to distinguish who is and isn’t your friend. Friends will change and try to take advantage of you. Others will talk behind your back or even try to defame you. The world will start to become a lonely place. The only way to minimize these risks is to be prepared before it happens. … Read more