6 ‘Shark Tank’ Contestants Share Lessons Learned From Their Failed Deals

Around six months ago, I connected with Julie Busha of Slawsa through Twitter. She read my blog and felt that I was quite experienced and could bring value to people in her business community. She then sent me samples of her product and invited me to join a community on Facebook, a private group of … Read more

How Can I Overcome Disappointment After Failure?

I don’t believe in the law of attraction that the book, The Secret, preaches.  Yet, in the last few months, I have been attracting everything that a well-minded person could possibly desire into my life.  I manifested an ideal life partner, I created my first book and am working on another one, I was invited … Read more

Is It Too Late To Achieve Something Worthwhile?

 — This is a guest post written by Andy Ooi —  Many in their late twenties or thirties wonder: “Is it too late to achieve something worthwhile?” The answer is obvious: Yes, it is too late. By the time they were born, it was already too late. They did nothing during the nine months in their mother’s … Read more

What Do You Do if Someone You Admired Discouraged You from Doing What You Love?

Are you talking about my mom? Hi mommy! How are you? I miss you! <33333 When I was younger, my mommy used to always tell me, “Don’t do that. You can’t do it. It’s stupid. It won’t work.” Then I would get sad and think, “This sucks. My mommy doesn’t love me or believe in … Read more

What Decision Have You Made That You Are Most Proud Of?

The decision to accept myself for who I am.  When I stopped trying to become who I felt the world wanted me to be, everything started to slowly piece itself together.  That, alongside with when I redefined success to be measured by the impact I made on others as opposed to the impact on my … Read more

What Are Some Examples of Bad and Outdated Career Advice?

Someone on Quora asked: “What are some examples of bad career advice people often give, which no longer apply to today’s job market, or which could have an adverse effect on our productivity in the long-term?” This was my response: Go to school.  Get good grades.  Get the job of your dreams. — Originally posted … Read more