What Are the Worst Financial Crises You Have Been Through? And How Have You Bounced Back?

I don’t know.

I was working at this real estate investment company thing. We were selling condos in Florida. I lined up 25 deals to go through in one month. My expected commission was supposed to be $50,000. I was on track to doing that every month for a year. I was going to buy a Lamborghini.

Next thing you know, Bear Stearns went down in a fire sale. Lending guidelines changed overnight. I couldn’t close any of my deals because the banks wouldn’t fund the loans.

They say go hard or go home. I went hard. I even spent months trying to salvage the deals. But I was sent home. Sent home with nothing. So what does it mean when someone says to go hard or go home, when you end up doing both? Who in the world knows…

Then after that, I started working at an investment fund. I thought hey, you know if real estate is dead now, then the only place that I can make true wealth is going to definitely have to be the stock market. I’m going to work at this investment fund! So I started working over there, then after a few months, AIG went bankrupt. The stock market crashed. I tried to go hard, but I was sent home again. This time, I wasn’t sent home with nothing. I was sent home with $13,000 in checks that I could never cash, since the company filed bankruptcy. I went to the labor board, bankruptcy court, everything. Still left without a dime. So not only was I not paid, my time was wasted as well.

So now, this is where I’m confused. The question asks what the worst financial crisis I went through was. Was this the worst financial crisis that the world went through as a whole? Or my worst financial crisis?

Because those two companies I worked with back in 2008 didn’t really affect my lifestyle, since I had a side income… However, they did cause quite an annoyance to my goal of owning a Lamborghini.

My worst financial crisis was in the later end of 2010. After going through failure after failure, I started to give up. I tried hard to move ahead as cautiously as I could. Yet everything always fell apart. After losing my gig at that time, I came to a point where I just didn’t want to try anymore.

I failed too many times.

I was done.
I was going to spend the rest of my money I had, drinking half a bottle of Jameson a day while watching movies until I was evicted from my home. Then I would live under a bridge for the rest of my life. Igniting newspaper and tossing it into trashcans to stay warm. Holding myself tight while being scrunched up in a sleeping bag. Scaring away pedestrians while I harassed them for their change. Oh, how I was looking forward to living the American dream…

But as that day grew near, the situation I pictured never came…

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