What It’s like to Be a Gold Digger

When I tell girls about my lifestyle, they think that I’m a gold digger. My best friend, the one who disappeared, she swears I’m the biggest gold digger in the world. Maybe I’m qualified to answer what it’s like to be a gold digger. I don’t know. I have a ton of rich friends.  Mostly male. They like to … Read more

How I Met Bill Clinton

I met William J. Clinton once.  It was quite an honor, actually.  Back in 2004, he decided to do a book signing at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles. I was working at Macy’s at the time, you know…  Selling women’s shoes and stuff.  Being 19 and selling women’s shoes wasn’t really a bad gig.  … Read more

Blueprints: the Ultimate Guide on How to Thoroughly Screw up Your Life

These are some things that led me down a road to where I hated absolutely everything about myself: Don’t learn from your mistakes. Continue to make the same mistakes, over and over. Surround yourself with the wrong crowd. You become a product of your environment. Eventually, you will no longer know who you used to be. Chase … Read more