We Thought We Were Left for Dead

Death  can be a touchy subject.

My take on death is it can be one of the scariest events we’ll ever  face, especially when you’re over 90% certain that you won’t make it out  of a scenario alive.

I’ve been in a scenario much like this  as of two years ago. I took a trip up to Joshua Tree on a 12 hour notice.

Have I ever rock climbed before?

Uh, no…

Did I dress  properly or bring the proper equipment?

Uh, no…

Was I prepared for the trip?

Absolutely not.

But I had an opportunity to go with FOUR WOMEN to what I thought was paradise.  Being the only guy to go somewhere with four beautiful women, how could I possibly say no?

I couldn’t.

I was under the impression that Joshua Tree was a lavish green field of grass with one gigantic gorgeous tree in the  middle.

Boy, was I wrong. 

We entered a vacant desert, parked by a rock, set up camp and decided to climb a rock that was probably 50 feet tall. I attempted 3 times to get up on the top rock and almost slipped off all three times. Oh would that have been a painful, I mean… Deadly fall.

Fear didn’t really kick in, until after a few hours when we decided to descend from the rock. In the pitch black night,  staring down into an endless pit of darkness, uncertain of how high you  are, or even how to get down, while others are panicking, the thought of  not making it out alive becomes a highly probable outcome.

You dehydrate quickly, survival instincts kick in, pride goes completely out the window, and all you can focus on is how to make it out of a  scenario alive.

The only things that matter in a scenario like this are logic, the humility to ask for help, team work, adrenaline, instinct, strategy, physical strength, and an undying resolve to see another day.

We thought we were doomed.  We thought we had no way out.  We couldn’t see anything around us nor knew how far above the ground we were.

We would have been dead, if it weren’t for the only other group of campers out there, who had saved our lives and helped us off the rock.

They say your life flashes before your eyes before you die.

I’ve found that to not be the case.

Quite frankly, I’ve almost encountered death in numerous occasions, on the freeway, almost getting into major  accidents, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, etc.

All you really imagine before you see death as an evident outcome is the various ways you can fall and you just imagine how excruciatingly painful it will be, or in some cases, it doesn’t even cross your mind.  Actually, if you’ve never had a major injury before, the excruciating  pain you imagine is probably nothing close to how painful the death  would truly be.

After you make it out alive, replenish  yourself with water and nutrients, all the adrenaline then rushes through your system, which in turn, then initiates the trigger that then  causes your life flash before your eyes.

For a moment, all  problems in your life seem minuscule and pointless. Within an hour, you figure out all of your shortcomings and broken relationships and how to  resolve them. You understand how poor planning and lack of research can  not only ruin a business, but can also ensure that today could possibly  be the last day of your life.

You share your love and open your heart with the people who are dearest to you. You create a stronger foundation, envision the road map to your future, and accept the person  who you are meant to become. You come to an understanding of how truly  sacred and valuable life really is. You achieve true clarity, not bound  to opinion, borders or even limitations.

Each of our clocks  are clicking away until our last day here, which, in turn, may come at  any time. Regret is a very dangerous disease that tears away at our  souls. Make sure to take advantage of every moment you are here  breathing on earth. Fulfill all of your heart’s true desires, before its  too late.

Oh, and by the way, don’t wear dress shoes or heels when you decide to go climb on a rock…

rocks shoes

Originally posted on Quora.

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