What It’s like to Be a Gold Digger

When I tell girls about my lifestyle, they think that I’m a gold digger.

My best friend, the one who disappeared, she swears I’m the biggest gold digger in the world.

Maybe I’m qualified to answer what it’s like to be a gold digger.

I don’t know.

I have a ton of rich friends.  Mostly male.

They like to hang out and party.  I used to hang out and party all the time.  I really never had anything to offer.

We never had sex, since we aren’t gay.

I hardly ever paid for anything, since I’m usually at bottom points in my life, and my highs don’t last that long.

I guess I brought over a girl here or there, but that never really accounted into anything.

So, I technically had no financial resources, yet I had all these rich friends who took me out to play.

We got to drink at A list venues.  We got to buy bottles after bottles.  We went to after parties that lasted until 7:00am surrounded by beautiful women, along with models and celebrities.

I mean, with my rich friends, we’ve had genuine conversations, and we knew we could rely on each other.  Not financially, of course.  However, we trusted each other as good friends.

The advantages are pretty great.  The lifestyle change from just being an average guy to being able to hang out with the elite of Hollywood was quite amazing.

Seduction?  There was none of that, which made it even better of an experience.

The disadvantages?  Some wealthy people are quite egotistical, so you have to rub their ego every now and then.  Maybe pick up some laundry or dry cleaning.  Pick up a pack of cigarettes.  Call the cab.  You know, normal errands.

I love my rich friends.  We can hang out at any time and I’m usually taken care of and I don’t have to worry about a single thing.  I get to ride in Maseratis, S Class Benzes, Range Rovers, Ferraris, BMW’s, and all these other high end luxury vehicles.  They enjoy my company because I provide worthwhile friendships.

When I don’t hang out with my rich friends, my other friends usually give me discounts and deals at the places I go, which is awesome.  Sometimes, I even get meals comped or a bottle on the house.

I mean, one day… I’ll definitely repay all of them for the favors they have done for me.  For the guy who lives a six figure lifestyle, however only makes $16.24 an hour for the last two years…

That day is still yet to come…

Originally posted on Quora.

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