The Complete Guide to the Etiquette of Social Media is Almost Here

Many of you have spoken.

I listened.

Over the last year and 7.5 million views on my content, the comments and inbox messages came in volume. You all told me I needed to do one thing.

“Write a book. I’ll be the first to buy it.”

At first, I just brushed it off. I didn’t consider myself a writer. Actually, I still don’t consider myself a writer. I also had no clue how to even start such a thing. But lately, you may have heard that I’ve been working on my latest project.

What project you ask?

I have been working on the release of my first book:

The Etiquette Of Social Media.
How to connect and respond to others in the world of social media.

For the last month and a half, I have been slaving away at creating the contents of this book. Today, I have finally finished. Currently, I am awaiting for the book to go through editing by my friends Melissa Stroud and KP Wee and for my client to finish my hand drawn book cover.

As soon as this is completed, the book will be available all across the world on Amazon in ebook form.  It will be available in soft cover form throughout the United States and in Europe.

What is the book about?

The description of the book is as follows:

Social Media is paving the way of the future.  It is a new trend that is becoming standardized as a part of our daily lives.  This new standard includes media outlets ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn to Quora and Twitter, along with many others.

With how new social media is, there are no classes at our schools that cover the etiquette of social media.  Whether you are in high school or a senior level executive, chances are you are oblivious to the guidelines of how to act on social media.  In this day and age, that has been forgivable.


Because never before has there been a guide covering The Etiquette of Social Media, until now.

Inspired by best-selling author James Altucher, Leonard Kim decided to write his first book of many.  Being a personality with high visibility and a Top Writer on Quora, an Online Knowledge Market, Leonard has seen it all.

From comments to messages to public attacks, Leonard has broken free from the viewpoint we all have of what is right in front of us.  He has been able to expand outside of the myopic bubble of the Internet we have all come to see. He has expanded his view of our online society as a whole.   In a single year, Leonard went from being a nobody to having over five million views on the internet.  He went from being an introvert with less friends than he has fingers to cultivating friendships all across the world.

Through decades of experience, Leonard has acquired a unique skill set.  With a background in branding, Leonard understands the importance of your online reputation.  He has been able to identify the key points to ensure that you come across as an approachable and likable human being.

Are you looking to make new friends?  Manage your online reputation?  Or expand your business connections?

This book will provide you with the essential tools you need to get ahead.

The world is changing.  Soon it will no longer be forgivable to be ignorant of your behavior on social media.  People will start to judge you for each action you make.  Read this guide to prepare yourself before that dreadfully awaited day finally arrives.

As most of you are aware, I don’t know much of what I am doing in life. I have made many mistakes that have cost me many opportunities.  I have done everything that I could to selflessly serve the community by sharing these mistakes, so others can learn from these hardships, at the cost of my life experience.

Since I know nothing, nor have I ever released a book before, I come humbly to you, asking for your support.

Will you help me?

Will you help me in promoting the soon to be release of my first book?

Will you support my efforts by taking ownership of a copy once it’s released, so I can continue to curate more content?

Will you help me by providing feedback and reviews on Amazon after you finish reading the book?

Will you help me with discussions on how I can get physical copies of my book sold in other countries on platforms like Flipkart?

Will you help me by giving me insight about what you want me to write about next?

This is the beginning of what could potentially be a new start. A new beginning.

With all new things, we come into them with low expectations and high hopes.

Will you help me by showing me that you want me to continue writing?

I look forward to beginning this new journey with you.

P.S. In return for your generosity, I will be giving back to the community.  For every ten people who take ownership of my book, I will give away a copy of my book to someone who is in duress, whether it be financial or emotional, at my expense.  As soon as my book is released, I will set up a landing page on my site where you can submit names of people whom you would like to nominate as candidates to earn a free book.

Originally posted on Quora.

The book is now here: The Etiquette of Social Media: How to Connect and Respond to Others in the World of Social Media.

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