How I Met Bill Clinton

I met William J. Clinton once. 

It was quite an honor, actually.  Back in 2004, he decided to do a book signing at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles.

I was working at Macy’s at the time, you know…  Selling women’s shoes and stuff.  Being 19 and selling women’s shoes wasn’t really a bad gig.  Well, anyways, my friend had notified me that Bill Clinton would be in town.  I told a few of my friends.  Then we all went to Eso Won books together the night before, because we heard we had to wait in a line.

When we got there, there were hundreds upon hundreds of people.  We just sat around and waited for a few hours.  At one point, an announcement was made.  They weren’t going to take people on a first come first serve basis.  Instead, whoever was able to call in to a line and get through to an operator would be served.

Luckily, after an hour of trying with all of my friends, dealing with busy tone after busy tone, I was finally able to get through on the line to purchase four copies of My Life.

After we bought our books, we decided to just stay calm and camp out.  We were all up all day, then we stayed up all night.  We waited in line for hours upon hours to meet with the former President.  The one whom we all look up to here in America as The Man, The Myth, and the Legend.  Mr. William J. Clinton.

Then, the time arrived.  We were able to walk through the main door, which was surrounded by secret service, and saw President Clinton in the distance.

He looked unreal.  Like he looked so perfectly built, he didn’t even seem human.  I thought he must have been some kind of superior being.  You know, like those conspiracy theories talk about those… Reptile people things?  I don’t know what they’re called.  I don’t believe in those things.  But he looked like he was from another world.

I was third in line out of my friends.  We all had a plan.  We were going to ask him to sign his book with his full name.

My friend went first, and he attempted to ask, but failed.  My other friend was able to successfully get his full signature.  I then asked for it.  He gave me that weird stare where he knew what I was thinking, kind of like “I know you’re going to sell this on eBay and make money off me you jerk!” but he signed his full name anyway, then I was able to shake his hand!  My other friend was able to get his full signature too.

After we left, I went to go get a seven shot of espresso because I had to work a 7.5 hour shift at my job.  That was my first time having a seven shot espresso.  I think an hour and a half before my shift was over, I just lied down in the stock room feeling completely dead.  After that experience, I would never recommend anyone to drink a seven shot espresso, not even my worst enemy.

The next day, I posted the book up on eBay and made my first online sale ever.  I sold the book for $821.70.  Paypal took 3%.  eBay took like $50.  But I made more than my initial investment of like $25-$30!  It was like the best day ever!  Until I spent all the money on all the pointless things that a 19-year-old kid spends his money on…

Today, I regret selling that book.  I kind of wish I still had it.  President Clinton was awesome.  I wish I could kind of show off the book to my friends and say, yeah I met Clinton!  Here’s my proof!  But no… I just have this story that I haven’t really shared with anyone…

I want to hang out with him again and ask him what it is like to raise a daughter like Chelsea.  I also wouldn’t mind becoming a Clinton one day, but too bad she’s married. There goes that pipe dream of mine…


Originally posted on Quora.

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  1. It’s interesting how you got to meet him. But whoa – you made quite a profit off that sale. I wonder what prompted you to sell it the next day, though. You must not have been a fan. :/


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