25 Year Old Security Guard At Investment Firm Writes Youth Financial Literacy Book Series

Today we’ll be speaking with Ben Popp the author of Youth Financial Literacy Series: Ian Bucks Kid Investor! Introductory Series For Kids Into The World Of Global Investing.


Ben Popp-25 years old-Author of nearly 30 books- Entrepreneur and founder of @AnnieTeekr – Currently working as a corporate security guard.

How many books have you published?

Nearly 30 books and more in the works.

When did you write your first book?

I wrote my first book at the age of 18.

Who has been your literary Mentor/Inspiration?

Dr.Seuss-For my Patrick Puckle & Friends and Nature’s Elders series

John Calamos of Calamos Investments-For my Ian Bucks Kid Investor Series

How/When/Why did I begin to start writing children’s books?

Always a fan of writing, as a senior in high school I decided to self-publish my first educational children’s book series called Patrick Puckle And Friends with Amazon. The series follows a group of character counts oriented, multicultural kids who each overcome adversity and personal obstacle; accurately representing today’s current classroom.

What inspired you to write the Ian Bucks, Kid Investor Series?

First inspiration was the success story of my employer Mr. John Calamos. A visionary and self made man in the world of investing.

Secondly, a lack of a youth financial literacy curriculum in the current school system. Youth financial literacy was never taught when I was in elementary school and still isn’t to this day.

Finally, I felt Ian Bucks Kid Investor Series would be a beneficial way to promote to children the importance of having a sound handle on financial literacy at the earliest age possible.

(The Ian Bucks Kid Investor Series is not affiliated with Calamos Investments whatsoever.)

What is the Ian Bucks Kid Investor Series about?

Ian Bucks, Kid Investor is an introductory book series for kids being introduced for the first time to the world of investing and financial literacy. The series is based around a young character Ian Bucks. Not a fan of sports like his pals, Ian Bucks’s passion has always been investing. Gathering what things he hears from his pals allows Ian to make lots of money on what’s popular at the time by investing. Throughout this youth financial literacy themed book series, Ian Bucks’s wise decision making inspires his pals to become savvy investors just like him.

Can you summarize some of the key learnings from the series?

Ian Bucks instills the kid friendly, recurring, timeless rules of investing 101 throughout the series:

  1. Listen to what people are saying about what’s popular.
  2. Do your own research: Read books-watch the news-decide for yourself.
  3. After research: Decide to buy or not buy shares in the company making the popular product.
  4. If you buy shares: List the reasons why you bought-know how long to keep shares-know when to sell shares.
  5. Teach your friends about investing!
  6. Remember the best investment of all: Investing in people!
What is the target market demographic for the Ian Bucks, Kid Investor series?

3rd-5th grade

What is the long-term vision for Ian Bucks?

Ian Bucks Kid Investor further edition series will become more detailed and investment industry specific with regard to appropriate age levels content-wise. Ian Bucks Kid Investor is the first mainstream series to fill the curriculum gap on youth financial literacy that currently doesn’t exist today in schools or the literary marketplace.

What is your educational background?

I graduated from West Aurora High School in Aurora, IL.

I then completed my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice at Waubonsee Community College in Sugar Grove, IL.

I currently am finishing up my Bachelor’s Degree at Benedictine University in the field of Business.

Where can the Ian Bucks, Kid Investor Series be found?

Amazon.com along with my other book titles.

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