What Do You Think of Chinese Girls?

Chinese girls are awesome.

When I first dated Chinese girls, I was kind of scared. They tried to feed me chicken feet and all this other weird stuff.

As I grew older, I came to realize that Chinese women are amazing.

  • They are sweet.
  • They are caring.
  • They work hard.
  • They are genuine.
  • They love ice cream.
  • They are family oriented.
  • They have a strong set of ethics.
  • They love to explore and be free.
  • They are adventurous, yet conservative as well.
  • They invest their time on what is important to them.
  • Plus they are stern and only want what is best for you.

Basically, they are wonderful. Not to mention, absolutely gorgeous

My mom though… She may have another story.

We had the following conversation a few months back:

Me: “Oh, you gotta try this Philly Cheese steak place. My gf thinks it’s amazing!”

Mom “No!”

Me “Why?”

Mom “She Chinese! She eat anything!”

Then I had another conversation in the future with my ex…

Me “Would you eat that?”

Ex “I’m Chinese. I’ll eat anything.”

So when it comes to food, I guess that my first instincts of being scared of new food were right. But I’m glad to overlook that to be able to realize just how amazing Chinese girls really are.


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  1. Whenever I see Chinese people, I usually go gaga. They are handsome and beautiful. And yeah heard so much of their eating habits. Even comedian Russell Peters has this to say, “Chinese eat all four-legged things, except tables and chairs.” But this may sound too generalized.


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