What Sort Of “Hate” Do Men with an Online Presence Get?

Someone on Quora asked:

What sort of “hate” do men with an online presence get when voicing their opinion?

I ask because as a woman I usually get called “feminazi,” or told I’ll die cold and alone / my partner will leave me for a “younger model.”

I’m just wondering if there’s a male equivalent of this abuse and what it’s like to be a guy with an online presence.

This was my response:

I get trolled around once every 3 months. It’s usually just one person thinking they could take me down, but I have been so used to people setting me up to attempt to get me fired at jobs or make plays for my position at work, that it is more an annoyance than anything else.

I used to have people make fun of me by finding a “mail order bride” since my ex girlfriend was born in China, even though she is an American citizen who works for the government and made twice as much as I did. How that even begins to make sense, I don’t even know. Some people even call me a drama queen, but my life now in comparison to where it used to be five years ago has nearly zero drama in comparison.

What I mostly deal with is people who take what I say out of context or people who judge my actions. Or they say that my content is subpar, but hey my message is not for everyone. I’d like to give you more examples and I would’ve had them if you had asked me around half a year ago when I was dealing with these things every day. However, no one pays that much attention to what I do anymore.

What would have been nice though… Is if there existed an outline or guide that warned you of what could potentially happen if you enter into the spotlight. I thought I figured out everything from watching the experience of my friends who were high profile people, both in their rise and falls, however, that isn’t the case.

I wasn’t prepared to deal with impostor syndrome, the physical complications on the psyche when dealing with negativity or anything else. So I guess I signed up for a lot more than I expected. In the moment, it was hell when I felt like I was a nobody. Now it’s no big deal though, since at the end of the day, writing online opened myself up to more real opportunities with quality people than I would’ve had if I stayed in the shadows.

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  1. it.an interesting premise and i think one that will become very much more visible in the future as people have actually spent their entire lives on computer technologies and develop whole new strains of psychosis in the human mind as yet untapped…the prognosis is not encouraging but it is what it is.


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