What No One Told This Woman About Her First Year In Business

Rachel McCrary (in black) IMAGE: Jewel Toned Inc. A lingerie expert and funded startup founder shares insight to what she learned in her first year of business. People say that everything you need to know you learn in Kindergarten. Well, in the world of business, think of the pitch process as Preschool, and that first … Read more

What Should Be the Motivation for a Budding Entrepreneur?

When we start from scratch, we are going to encounter problems of all sorts. From recruiting a team to building a product to expanding upon distribution. If these things were easy, we’d all be rich. However, they’re not. I was the former Vice President of Marketing for two former startups. One, we sold leads in … Read more

Why You Need A Strong Personal Brand and How To Build One

Post was written by May Busch When I was starting out in my corporate career, the idea of personal branding hadn’t yet come into being.  So I did what any self-respecting “nice Chinese girl” would do:  put my head down, worked hard to learn and become excellent at the job, and waited for someone to recognize … Read more

What Would You Advise a First Time Entrepreneur with No Competition?

Someone on Quora asked: I have a business idea. No competition. Tiny start up costs and overheads. Decentralized commission based and social media driven sales strategy. A very strong value proposition and an absolutely incredible mark up. Any advice for a first time entrepreneur? This was my response: Research why you have no competition. It … Read more

Does Failing With Multiple Startups Make a Person a Bad Entrepreneur?

Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come. When you win, what do you learn? Nothing. Except maybe how to gloat. Shove something in someone’s face. Have a huge ego. Think you’re king of the world. Stuff like that. Is that really … Read more