How Do I Rekindle a Friendship After Cutting Them Off?

Someone on Quora asked: I wanted to date my close friend. She said no so I decided to cut her off completely. After a year, I now want to rekindle the friendship. What should I do? This was my response: That’s the problem with society. Instead of being grateful for what they have, people always … Read more

What Should I Do with a Boyfriend That Calls Me Degrading Names in Public in Order to Educate Me?

Someone on Quora asked: We are in a long term relationship and he says he loves me. But when we have or had before some misunderstanding, he would come to it by calling me names, like selfish, bitch, hater, etc. in loud on public. He does that as he says to educate me, to change … Read more

I’ve Met the Perfect Girl Twice, and She Hasn’t Liked Me Back. When Is This Going to Change?

Congratulations! You found the perfect girl! So did I. Many times, actually. There was… You know what, the list of women is way too long to name. Let’s just skip all that. So, through these interactions in my life, I found the perfect woman. Except, there was always a problem. And at different points in … Read more

How Can You Settle on One Person When You Don’t Know if Someone Better Might Come Along?

It’s pretty simple. If you feel like you’re settling, you shouldn’t get into the relationship to begin with. You’re just wasting both people’s time and causing pain in the end. If you feel that you have found everything that your heart could ever desire, then you stop looking. — Originally posted on Quora.