No One Will Ever Know Who You Are–Until You Do This

You see your competitors doing big things, but you aren’t getting the results you want. Redirect your efforts into doing this. Everywhere you look, you see content. Articles. Videos. Books. Podcasts. Radio shows.There is an endless amount of content out there. You’re working on your project. Are people even noticing what you do? When I … Read more

Building Your Brand Outside Work Hours

This guest post was written by Holly Whitman. Life is hectic, even for those who take the daily storms as though they are continually sunny with a high of 75. Schedules bloom until they’re overgrown with to-do lists and appointments that a queen could compete with. How can anyone work on building a brand for … Read more

3 Tips to Networking With Billionaires, Executives, and Celebrities

Building any type of network takes time. But what if you could redirect those efforts with the world’s elite? Everywhere we go, a new networking opportunity arises. Whether we are at the grocery store or mall or business event, a new group of people surround us. But how important is networking really? And who is … Read more

Stop Wasting Money on Your Online Marketing. Do This Instead

It’s no secret that online marketing is powerful. But why does it work for some and not for others? Perhaps the better question is: why isn’t it working for me? The answer is simple: Successful online marketers follow systematized processes that continually produce the same great results. Marketing systems might seem intimidating at first, but … Read more

These 3 Color Schemes Could Be Scaring Away Your Clients (Employers, Too)

Colors. We see them every day. Whether you are in your room, in an office, flipping through a magazine, or even relaxing at the park, they are everywhere. No matter where we look, colors surround us. Sometimes, colors complement their surroundings. Other times, they cause a clash. There are even situations where they make some … Read more

7 Secrets to Creating an In-Demand Brand

In America, the driving forces behind the Veuve Clicquot champagne brand are the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classics, held each year in New York and Los Angeles. These events are attended by global celebrities, the British royal family and other top influencers. On October 17, I had the opportunity to attend the Sixth-Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo … Read more

8 Steps to Building a Killer Personal Brand

May Busch considered herself a “nice Chinese girl” when she started her career in banking at Morgan Stanley. In fact, so did all her colleagues. Her reputation portrayed her as a “super-organized hard worker with a great attitude.” The only problem is that the same could be said of her top-notch secretary. May Busch started her … Read more

Why You Need A Strong Personal Brand and How To Build One

Post was written by May Busch When I was starting out in my corporate career, the idea of personal branding hadn’t yet come into being.  So I did what any self-respecting “nice Chinese girl” would do:  put my head down, worked hard to learn and become excellent at the job, and waited for someone to recognize … Read more