I’m Dating a Perfect 10 Girl but I Can’t Stop Thinking about My Ex. What Should I Do?

I’m eating a cheeseburger and I can’t stop thinking about tacos. What should I do? Simple. Go eat a taco. Or in this case, go back to your ex. It’s unfair to the cheeseburger for me to not divulge my whole heart into the meal, if I can’t even fully enjoy my meal. It’s also … Read more

Is It Okay for My Boyfriend to Pursue the Same Business as Me?

On Quora, someone asked: Is it okay for my boyfriend to pursue the same business as me? I’ve been pursuing my fin-tech startup since almost a year now, part time. Recently got funding, some solid partners and looking to take it on full time in the next month onwards.My boyfriend got around 500K USD last … Read more

What Are The Arguments For and Against Interracial Marriage?

For interracial marriage:  You should fall in love with who you love based on who they are, not the color of their skin. Against interracial marriage:  Everything my mom says. My friend Jamie asked my mom if she would rather see me marry a smart, beautiful Vietnamese woman or an ugly stupid Korean.  My mom … Read more

Should I Choose My Girlfriend or Moving Away for My Dream Job?

I’d pick the girlfriend.  I could always get a better job later that pays me more than I’m currently making.  However, I probably will have extreme difficulty finding the love of my life if I left her behind.  All the money in the world can’t buy you true love.  Unless it’s just a fling, then … Read more

Is It Normal for a Girl to Have Lunch with Someone That Isn’t Her Boyfriend?

One of my friends, she used to take me out to lunch all the time. She is such a sweetheart, always helping me out when I had absolutely nothing. She even laughed with me when my electricity went out and tried to help me get back on my feet when I had nothing. She was … Read more

Should I Stay Intellectual or Should I Try to Date While I’m in College?

Someone on Quora asked: Intellectual bookish to me = academic success and better personal growth at the risk of demoting the fair desire to seek a deeper bond with someone Dating = Spending a lot more money, time, and possibly stress over a girl, but it’s supposed to be good practice. What’s worse to miss out on, … Read more

What Are Your Choices When Someone You Care for Disappoints You?

Stay.  Understand that they have shortcomings.  Forgive and move on. Leave.  Feel like they have disappointed you.  Decide to part ways so it doesn’t happen again, at least with this particular person. Change.  Work together on a solution together to prevent something like this from happening again. — Originally posted on Quora. Leonard Kim consults … Read more

Is It Possible for Your Love for Someone to Just Slowly Fade Away?

Love never just slowly fades away.  Something replaces it, or some action or event triggers us to change how we feel.  But as time goes by, the feelings don’t just slowly drift away.  They need to be replaced with other feelings, or they just continually stay there.  Haunting us, day after day, month after month, … Read more