Is There Such a Thing as Loving Someone Too Much?

Yes. It’s when you’re no longer with them and you can’t get them out of your mind, so you do whatever it takes to try to get them back, even though you’re spending year after year failing at the task. — Originally posted on Quora. Leonard Kim consults startups and writes books like The Etiquette … Read more

Is “You’re Not My Type” Code For “You’re Not Attractive Enough”?

Sometimes. Other times, I’ll meet an absolutely gorgeous girl. But she’ll be like, annoying. Extremely annoying. All she does is complain about this and that, basically to the point where her negativity drowns out her physical beauty. That is when I come to find that she is not my type. Would you want to wake … Read more

What’s My Social Status? Should I Date up or Down?

Someone on Quora had asked me: “I see many references to one’s social status, such as “date up” and “marry up,” etc. So, what’s my social status? I’m 33, white, single, healthy, I have a degree in CS and make $110K/yr. What’s the social status of this woman: 28, Chinese, single, healthy, worthless degree, $70K/yr. If we … Read more

Working at a Significant Other’s Company

Some background information about the person that asked this question: “My boyfriend and I go to the same college. He ended up graduating and got a job at a startup. We are still dating (long distance for 2+ years) and are pretty serious about each other. I already got a job at MNC, which is a consultancy … Read more