Is It Okay for My Boyfriend to Pursue the Same Business as Me?

On Quora, someone asked: Is it okay for my boyfriend to pursue the same business as me? I’ve been pursuing my fin-tech startup since almost a year now, part time. Recently got funding, some solid partners and looking to take it on full time in the next month onwards.My boyfriend got around 500K USD last … Read more

How Do I Overcome the Desire to Be Better Than My Friend?

Learn how to stop competing. The only person you should be competing with is yourself.  It isn’t even competing either.  It’s focusing on becoming a better person, by going through consistent and never ending improvement. 100 watts, through a lightbulb will barely light a dim room.  That same 100 watts through a laser beam will … Read more

Strategies to Compete with a Mature Business

On Quora I was asked: What are some strategies to compete with a mature but inferior product with a strong customer base? Hypothetical situation: You have a neighborhood with a local coffee shop. The coffee shop has been there for years and has happy customers and makes good revenue. They have tuned their business well for … Read more