How Can You Settle on One Person When You Don’t Know if Someone Better Might Come Along?

It’s pretty simple. If you feel like you’re settling, you shouldn’t get into the relationship to begin with. You’re just wasting both people’s time and causing pain in the end. If you feel that you have found everything that your heart could ever desire, then you stop looking. — Originally posted on Quora.

I’m Dating a Perfect 10 Girl but I Can’t Stop Thinking about My Ex. What Should I Do?

I’m eating a cheeseburger and I can’t stop thinking about tacos. What should I do? Simple. Go eat a taco. Or in this case, go back to your ex. It’s unfair to the cheeseburger for me to not divulge my whole heart into the meal, if I can’t even fully enjoy my meal. It’s also … Read more

Should I Choose My Girlfriend or Moving Away for My Dream Job?

I’d pick the girlfriend.  I could always get a better job later that pays me more than I’m currently making.  However, I probably will have extreme difficulty finding the love of my life if I left her behind.  All the money in the world can’t buy you true love.  Unless it’s just a fling, then … Read more