What Business Lessons Can Be Learned from the Success of the Kardashians?

Image source: Cosmopolitan Magazine When it comes to business and people, there really isn’t much of a difference between them. The only difference is that personal brands, on average, tend to last longer than companies do. Both parties embrace branding, marketing and sales. They just do them in a slightly different way. But if companies … Read more

I’m 40 Years Old and Work from 9 to 5. Am I Too Old to Pursue Beginning a Startup?

It depends on what habits you’ve created in your work life for the last two decades. Do you work for a big company? Do you suck up to your superiors? Are you a yes man? Do you sit around and do whatever you can to protect your job, like conspire against others, take other people … Read more

Is It True That “You Won’t Become Rich Working for Somebody Else?”

You also won’t get rich working alone. That statement is more true than the one about working for yourself. The problem is that no one in the world actually works for themselves. If they believe they do, they are delusional or already have millions in the bank. Restauranteers work for the banks they took loans … Read more

How Can I Get Better at Programming?

Recently, I spoke at Cal Poly Pomona to kickstart their Hackathon, Hackpoly 2015: Hackpoly 2015 Keynote Speech – Your Roadmap to Success I shared my personal story then covered these key points as the basis on how to become a better programmer: 1. Consistent and Neverending Improvement. The first thing to do would be to start … Read more

Your Game Plan to Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

Once you stop growing, that is when you start dying. Each day, you either become an improved version of yourself, or you take steps backwards and regress to a prior state. We don’t really see these changes throughout each day we live. Instead, we notice subtleties within weeks, change within months and results within years. … Read more