Is It True That “You Won’t Become Rich Working for Somebody Else?”

You also won’t get rich working alone. That statement is more true than the one about working for yourself.

The problem is that no one in the world actually works for themselves. If they believe they do, they are delusional or already have millions in the bank.

Restauranteers work for the banks they took loans from. Franchisees work for the franchiser. Jewelers work for their clients. Company founders work for their shareholders (investors) and their customers. Everyone has a boss they attend to, whether they know it or not.

Regardless of that, I could get rich working for someone else. I just have to position myself as early stage top level management at a prefunded startup with a lot of potential. However, there’s a 95% failure ratio involved. Or I could get into politics. Or speak at events. Or I could be a portfolio manager at an investment fund. Or work in mergers and acquisitions. Or be an attorney. Or work in commercial real estate. Then the list goes on…

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