What I Did When I Realized That My Work Was Pointless

I have worked hard at every venture I put my mind to. In the past, I’ve tried to build up multiple start ups from the ground. I tried to swerve my way to financial success. I wanted to have it all.  Money. Power. Respect.  In my journey, I’ve had anything that could go wrong… Go wrong on … Read more

Blueprints: the Ultimate Guide on How to Thoroughly Screw up Your Life

These are some things that led me down a road to where I hated absolutely everything about myself: Don’t learn from your mistakes. Continue to make the same mistakes, over and over. Surround yourself with the wrong crowd. You become a product of your environment. Eventually, you will no longer know who you used to be. Chase … Read more

What Quora is and Why You Should Provide Your Knowledge There for Free

Someone on Quora asked: Why should I provide my knowledge to Quora for free? This was my response: Quora is a knowledge market where some of the most profound questions are answered by some of the most brilliant minds known to man, from scientists to astronauts to PhD’s, attorneys, venture capitalists, angel investors and engineers. … Read more