The Best Way to Deal with Failure

Pause, reflect, learn the lessons from each failure, take a break, find yourself, attain an attitude of gratitude, think of three things you’re thankful for each morning, get eight hours of sleep a day, eat two meals every day, exercise, eliminate your expectations, forgive all the people who have wronged you, forgive yourself, stop living … Read more

Does Failing With Multiple Startups Make a Person a Bad Entrepreneur?

Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come. When you win, what do you learn? Nothing. Except maybe how to gloat. Shove something in someone’s face. Have a huge ego. Think you’re king of the world. Stuff like that. Is that really … Read more

23 Factors That Affect the Failure Probability of a Startup

Everything is against you as a startup. The time it takes to bring your product to market. When you start marketing. How lean your product is. How talented your staff is. How prepared you are to build. How financially stable you are. What distractions you have in your personal life. Your stress level. The amount of … Read more

What I Did When I Realized That My Work Was Pointless

I have worked hard at every venture I put my mind to. In the past, I’ve tried to build up multiple start ups from the ground. I tried to swerve my way to financial success. I wanted to have it all.  Money. Power. Respect.  In my journey, I’ve had anything that could go wrong… Go wrong on … Read more