What Is True Love?

True love is when you know how absolutely flawed the other party is, yet you still love them for who they are, and vice versa.

True love does last forever. My grandmother and grandfather stayed together until his untimely death.

He married her when she had nothing. She was working at a military commissary in Korea on minimum wage and already had two teenage children of her own. He took her to America and showed her a whole new world. He gave her the opportunity to live her dreams with the man she loved.

She took care of him when he was absolutely helpless, couldn’t remember who he or she was, or was able to properly use the restroom. She took responsibility and stood by his side, taking him around on a wheelchair and changing his diapers, even though there was absolutely nothing that he could ever do for her any longer. She stayed by his side until he passed away, then buried him.

Talking about him to this day will still make her cry. She tries her best to forget, but deep down… She still loves him with all her heart. She always will. Even if the world were to split apart or become consumed by flames, their love for each other… That is something that will never change.

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  1. This post has given me hope that true love still does exist even in my circumstances.
    As a single mum of 2, I moved to Sydney 3 years ago with big dream and hope of a better future for myself, my children, and hoping to also find true love.
    Things started well and then went downhill after I had a stress related breakdown.
    Gone was the well paid job, and in return we became homeless, stayed with friends and then moved into a one bedroom unit in which I shared a single bunk bed with my youngest.
    I had developed bipolar and was incapable of doing my dream job and could only work part-time.
    Move forwards 2 years and my life has taken a completely different path.
    I have had to make a lot of life chances and self discovery, so that I could understand and better manage my mental health condition, well also providing for my children.
    I have secured a brand new unit with affordable housing that the girls and myself are so happy to call home. They are going to a great school, making friends and I am starting up my own business as a personal development coach.
    The one thing that I have struggled with is finding true love with someone that what’s me as a whole.
    I have been on endless dates with men just wanting me for sex, or they are happy to date me but don’t want to be a part of my children’s life.
    I had given up on finding true, deep, and meaningful love, but after reading this post, I thought “Maybe, just maybe, my equal is out there and will come when the timing is right”.

    • It’s tough being a single mother, but stick with it. The right one will come when you least expect it. I was talking to an elder woman I know a few months ago. She said when her and her husband met, they were both at the peak of their lives when they weren’t even looking for a significant other. Then one day, they met. It was all flowers and roses since then. So keep with your personal development coaching and when you reach success, someone will appear. I’m hoping the same happens for me as well.


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