Working at a Significant Other’s Company

Some background information about the person that asked this question:

“My boyfriend and I go to the same college. He ended up graduating and got a job at a startup. We are still dating (long distance for 2+ years) and are pretty serious about each other. I already got a job at MNC, which is a consultancy company, but I always wanted a technical profile, and now my boyfriends’s company is coming on campus to hire students. It’s a technical job that is also paying double the salary of MNC. What should I do? Should I sit for his company? I have to consider that working together might get awkward, especially if our relationship doesn’t work out. People at my college might say that he hired me because of the relationship, which couldn’t be true because a company probably wouldn’t pay a (very) competitive salary just because a guy wants his girlfriend in the same company. I also don’t want to be in a long distance relationship anymore and want to preserve this relationship. Being in the same city would definitely solve that problem. Should I work for my boyfriend’s company?”

This was my response:

It depends how big the company is. I work for a company that has seven office buildings on one campus, and they’re all huge. The main building has like ten floors. I only know people in one quarter of my building.

If you’re not going to interact at all with your boyfriend, aside from maybe a lunch break, then it could work. Otherwise, I would say no.

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