Is There Such a Thing as Loving Someone Too Much?

Yes. It’s when you’re no longer with them and you can’t get them out of your mind, so you do whatever it takes to try to get them back, even though you’re spending year after year failing at the task. — Originally posted on Quora. Leonard Kim consults startups and writes books like The Etiquette … Read more

If Offered a Lifetime Supply of Happy Pills, Would You Take It?

Aren’t happy pills called ecstasy? I tried that drug before, when I was sixteen.  I blacked out then kind of passed out.  I was with my first girlfriend and her friend, and I thought I was going to die.  Then I never did ecstasy again. I didn’t turn happy.  So, I didn’t see what the big deal … Read more

What Was the Most Rewarding Moment of Your Life?

This is a story that I’m embarrassed to share, as it is not something that I have done or accomplished myself. It isn’t even something I should feel rewarded about. Yet, for some reason, when I reflect through my life, this is the only moment that stands out. Quite frankly, I’m hesitant to even tell the story, … Read more

Why You Should Brainwash Yourself with Positive Thoughts

My friend used to always say, if your brain wasn’t so dirty, it wouldn’t need to be washed! Our brains are surrounded by toxicity all day. Negative events on the news. Negative people. Negative TV shows. Negative articles on the internet. Negative parents. Negative teachers. Negative friends. Negative everything. Since everything around us is so … Read more