How to Quit the Startup You Founded without Causing Too Much Fallout

Someone on Quora asked: How do I quit the startup I founded without causing too much fallout? Our business has been around for two very tough years, but is finally seeing the green shoots of growth that sprout after hard effort, love and dedication has been applied. We’re generating revenue and were seed-funded to the … Read more

How to Compensate a Contractor with Equity at an Early Stage Startup

Someone on Quora asked: What is the best way to compensate a contractor with equity at an early stage-startup? Let’s say I’ve got 1M shares assigned to founders, representing 100% of the stock set forth in the articles of incorporation. Bootstrapped, without any non-founder investment, and without any outside professional help toward a valuation (i.e. … Read more

23 Factors That Affect the Failure Probability of a Startup

Everything is against you as a startup. The time it takes to bring your product to market. When you start marketing. How lean your product is. How talented your staff is. How prepared you are to build. How financially stable you are. What distractions you have in your personal life. Your stress level. The amount of … Read more